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Berlin Gardens’ strong focus on quality, service, design and respect for the environment makes it a recognized brand the most demanding consumers are choosing with confidence. Each piece of furniture is made with great care by skilled Amish craftsmen in Berlin, Ohio USA using only the highest quality recycled materials.  The vision of Berlin Gardens is to inspire and renew people around the world by leading the way in outdoor comfort. To achieve this goal, they manufacture beautiful and comfortable products that people can use to rejuvenate outdoors.  Imitating the natural beauty of hardwood, a pure, recycled, poly material is used to create truly beautiful and extremely durable outdoor furniture pieces. Sugar Creek Amish Furniture is the exclusive Berlin Gardens Authorized Dealer for the Columbia, SC metro region, so stop by and experience the comfort, beauty, and durability of this genuinely unique outdoor furniture for yourself!

 We hope our products inspire you to Take Life Outdoors.


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